Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday was a very emotionally difficult day for me. I wondered even how I would make it through the week. Then on the way to breakfast this morning we drove along the same route as we always do. The streets littered with garbage and feasting dogs, cement buildings with what seems to be nothing inside and I was so thankful to be standing next to Percy. At that moment I felt weathered and worn like my surroundings. Then, amidst the the not so beautiful views were morning glories with the most beautiful foliage and periwinkle flowers climbing the wall. He told me that each night the flowers close up and fall off and each morning they send out new blooms. Gods timing is perfect. Today is a new day and I look forward to the challenges that God will bring tomorrow. Im sure that they will be challenges that will continue to draw me closer to Him. I am so thankfull for this team and for all of the team at home praying for us and encouraging us. Today I am most thankful for the way God used Percy to remind me of His love.


  1. Leisha,
    Just want to let you know that you are a delight! I just love you! Thanks for your post, your honesty, your teachability... Percy is a special man and God's message to your heart fell on fertile soil... so glad I waited up tonight to read whatever was posted... I will be praying.

  2. It has been so encouraging to read how God is using each of you, with each of your own special gifts and personalities and answering prayer. Thank you for being willing to go and to make a difference--that may be so large down the road only God will know! I love all your honesty but most of all the love and joy that you are experiencing and sharing. God is truly amazing! It must have been so awesome to see with your own eyes how you are helping these people that show their gratefulness in such gracious ways. So keep up the good work and keep trusting the can sleep on the plane on the way home!
    Christine G.

  3. Leisha...I'm with Beth on this totally rock. Percy~ you're equally fantastic. thanks for you openness and honesty Leish....Have a blessed Friday.

  4. I can hardly see the screen for the tears. What a beautiful picture. What a beautiful soul you have. How awesome that God puts just the right people alongside us when we need them the most. My tears are partly selfish though. I miss you all so much and wish I were there to meet God in this obvious "thin space"... I cannot wait for you all to return with your stories. You can't imagine how much hearing them raises my soul heavenward.
    Love to you all.

  5. Leisha...You are such an inspiration to so many here.,..The love you show to so many always show through...Yup tough days do come and then the Lord sends to stand by you a brother in Christ...Isn't it great that Percy is so knowledable about flowers...You should of seen the raspberrys in their garden this year..Huge!! Keep up the good work..The people see the Lord in you and all you do...I too can't wait to give you a big hug and hear what the trip was like...Love ya girl friend...Gail