Saturday, October 9, 2010

First night in El Salvador

Well we made it. What a beautiful country. The mountains are awesome and the countryside is so green. It is hot. Sweat is pouring off my face as type. Joy just walked up to me and told me she just watched a dog get hit by a car. That's our first weird story...sure there will be more. Dogs are everywhere well as cows and horses. We should eat dinner soon and tomorrow we will meet the families. That should be awsome.

Peace out,


  1. Hey guys! Good to hear you're safe & sound. Poor dog, Joy, was it alright? My dad said last year there were loads of dogs... I'm not surprised you see so many! God bless you guys. I can't wait to hear more!

    With love, Nicole

  2. Hey people im happy your safe it must be hot in central america God bless you and el salvador post more =D see you later

  3. YAYYY!!!!! Let the blogging begin! So happy all are safe and sound. Love and prayers,
    The VanderSlagt tribe

  4. Hello everyone. I felt especially close to you guys today even though you were so far away. Jacob Moon played guitar and spoke in service this morning. He shared his personal experience with ElSalvador. What a perfect day to share. Also, he had had an incredible resemblance to Stan. (at least I thought so) You are in our prayers. Praying that God will be with you as you visit the orphanage today. I can only imagine how heart wrenching that will be.


  5. Leisha...I was thinking the SAME thing (that Jacob looks like Stan! LOL)
    It was an amazing service today...we thought of you all and prayed for you. Missing you very much already but still so proud of all you're doing. I hope you found something beautiful to praise God for today...

    Love you guys,

  6. Jen

    As Stan writes about the mountains and countryside. I an picturing it in my head how pretty it must be!! God's creation!! I am glad you all got there safe. I am praying for you all this week, and your families back home. I will be waiting to read all the stories on the blong.

    Love Jen

  7. good to hear everyone's good! miss u all:)