Friday, October 15, 2010

When Worlds Collide

Tomorrow is a big day. We will be giving the keys to 6 houses to 6 families and offering them a chance to start fresh with a special gift from God. I can't help but be struck with wonder that we have the opportunity to play a part in that. It's just us - a crazy rag-tag group from Sarnia (plus one) that God has brought to this place to do something good; something worthwhile; something lasting.

But that's not all that's happening tomorrow and my mind and heart are torn between this place God has brought me to and a place that is farther away still. My dear friend Shana (with husband and two of her children in tow) is whisking off to Ethiopia to meet and embrace her newest child, Zake. How can it be that she is going there while we are here? My mind is struggling to contain all that is happening! But oh what a blessing to know that God is completely aware of all that is going on! He can handle the details even when I can't.

I truly believe that tomorrow our worlds will collide as our One True Heavenly Father guides and directs both our journeys. And as promised, I will hold a special place in my heart tomorrow for a slightly darker little boy than the ones I will be gazing on directly. Much peace and many prayers Shana. I love you and your family. May Zake be all you could have imagined and then even a little bit more - 'cuz that's just God's way - He likes to add a little surprise every now and then and I know how much you like surprises!! (you can follow their journey here)



  1. messy-faced-cry, again. I appreciate you so much A. thanks for praying, i feel it. God is so good.
    thrilled that ES has been so amazing again. what a day today will be as you experience the joy of your labour...
    be safe, see you soon

  2. me too, Shan...she has that effect on people! What a way with words!
    Safe journey to you, dear friend! We'll be praying continually for your family.