Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whoever said that French is close to Spanish, they lied.

French and Spanish are not as similar as I was lead to believe, but the Lord has blessed us with the art of actions. haha A lot of times I catch myself saying the same thing over really slowly, then I realize that in reality, if someone came up to me and started speaking spanish to me in a really slow, loud would not allow me to understand it any better. haha
Today was a different day. A day where we all rethink our lives, situations and our decisions. Today, the Lord had some of us confused about reasons, but all well knowing that everything that happens is part of the Lord's undeniable puzzle that will forever keep us guessing.
This evening we went to church. I was so super stoked about all that I would feel while being there and all that I would learn. But I did not expect this. As soon as we arrived at the church, a car unfortunately struck a child from the village, who was excitedly running across the street to church. It all happened in a matter of a blink of an eye, but there were a few of us who happened to be looking in that direction. At first it was shock, but we had some awesome people on our team who were able to respond rapidly, alongside many bystanders on the street.
To say the least, I didn't feel like going to church anymore. But tonight at church was even more powerful than Sunday. This lady beside me who was also teary, laid her hand on me, and that made all of the difference. One God, one love.
It's hard because as humans we struggle so hard with the need to understand.
The miraculous part was that she survived, thank you Jesus that she survived. She is in the hospital, but after an accident like that, the fact of coming out of it with considerably minor injuries is a miracle and is none other then Jesus Christ putting this little girl on this earth for a purpose.
To our dismay, the driver has disappeared.
Please pray for the healing of this little girl, and the understanding of her parents. This gives Pastor Jorge and his church, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ the ability to not only tell the story of Jesus, but live Jesus face to face with this family everyday, which is a blessing.
Also please pray for the driver, for only God knows their mind, thoughts and actions. Pray that God will be with them and work within them during this time.
A couple members of our team are down and out due to sickness, but we all know that the Lord is in control, and that He has the power of healing. Please pray that it will be put upon them.

Overall, considering the situation, the rest of the day was a good day. We finished the houses, and got to hang out with even more children, with even more energy then the day before!
Please pray for continued protection over our team, and God's work that is being done here.

Blessing and Love through Christ,



  1. Oh Brenna. It's 3:07am here and I can't sleep (all the kids are sleeping) and I am thinking of each of you there. Praise God for this little girls life and His hand apon her. I have prayed for peace and comfort for each of you and for the health of the team as well. With the houses behind you (amazing!)I am excited to think that God will use the rest of your time there for unexpected surprizes that will fill your hearts and the hearts of those around you. I agree, thank you Lord for Pastor Jorje and his family and their commitment to serve Him. How fortunate we are to be instruments used for Him!

  2. As I read the thoughts of the team, I smile,I laugh, I cry and pray. I am not even there and feeling all these all of you must be experiencing an emotional roller coaster. Praying God will use your emotions to his glory and continue to give you the opportunities, challenges and touches that will give you a bond with the people there. So sad about the little girls getting hit, but real life and people are always watching how we respond (yes Deve, I remember, not react) to every situation. Praying she heals quickly and for God to use this situation. I am so thrilled to be a part of this even if only through my prayers!

  3. Oh Brenna,
    I'm so sorry you had to witness this. Praise the Lord for His hand on all situations. We pray for God's continued protection on each of you, and for His glory to shine through each action that is taken.
    We love you. Finish the week strong dear Brenna!
    Love you.

    ps...Annalise says "hiie"

  4. We're so sorry about the little girl, we'll praying for her and for all the health issues of our lovely mission team.
    And you're right about the spanish and french, ask my kids...
    We are so happy that you already finished the houses, you're amazing and God is all the time with you!
    love you Brenna