Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep on Trucking

I'm beginning to see that the truck ride, especially after having been at the job site all day, is one of my favourite parts to the day. Sure, I've often wondered how often the brakes get checked, and really, how many people that vehicle is supposed to hold, and Stan and I both know that they sure aren't using low sulphur diesel either! Yikes. After being drenched in sweat mixed in with creamy sunscreen, there's nothing better than having the red dirt cling to all the skin that is showing on your body.......then, standing in the back of the truck while the breeze flies through your hair, the odd stray branch clips your neck, or the pelting bugs on your face and sunglasses while the sweat and sunscreen on your body slowly dries the dirt that is resting there. Honestly though, that is my favourite part of the day; to enjoy that bird's eye view of everything beautiful that surrounds us. And even everything that isn't beautiful seems to capture your heart and imagination as you try and picture the story behind the story. The endless stray dogs, the endless bean/fruit/vegetable stands lining the roadway, the cows/goats tied to the fences while they graze away as cars and trucks zoom past them constantly. I especially enjoy staring at the mist in the mountains in the morning as we're climbing the steeps hills and love seeing the shadows on the mountains from cloud cover as we end our work day. It's even more vivid than being on the back of Nick's motorcycle. Although, the bike helmet would come in handy to keep me from being pelted with bugs and dirt.


  1. Loving the blogs. Everyones words are bring picture to my mined that bring back memories. We are praying for all of you.

  2. Most of us don´t have a bird´s eye view Tracy - just you. And I´m glad you´re enjoying the clouds around the mountains, so am I, just make sure your height doesn´t keep you in the clouds ;) - Heather

  3. Holding you up in prayer today, T...right on schedule! :)

  4. wow bugs girl..sweet happy all is great u are in are family prayers Treena