Monday, October 11, 2010

All God's Creatures

Sometimes, it's the little things that cause me to stop and really think about my life and the vast differences I see between home and here. Today, those "little things" came in the form of two tiny, underdeveloped, flea-covered puppies. When I saw those two little creatures with their ribs sticking out and their sad, mournful eyes, my mind flashed back to home and my "furry wee son", Fergus. I couldn't help but think how my dog is lavished with love and attention; that he has fresh food and water in his bowls everyday; that he gets treats just for being cute; that he receives annual medical check-ups and treatment when he's not feeling well; he has a cozy bed to sleep in and toys to occupy his time; he is free to run and play without fear of being hurt or mistreated. And I couldn't help but realize that Fergus, my little dog (and yes, I realize he is just a dog) is more of a priority to me than many of the children of God currently sharing this planet with me. That doesn't seem right, does it? My heart was breaking for the little pups I met today. I wanted to give them a big bowl of milk and fatten them up so they'd have those "puppy tummies" I love so much. But was my heart breaking for the men & women around me this morning and for their beautiful children? And what about God's children in countries throughout the rest of the world? What about Canada? What about Sarnia? God's love is big enough to embrace ALL of His children, I can only hope and pray that I will be up to the challenge. Good night to all of God's creatures, both big and small. God made you and He loves you.



  1. So honest Amanda, and such a necessary reminder. Although, after Sunday's messy-faced-cry during the Compassion video and Jacob Moon, I thought i'd be good for a while...
    I wish all of God's children, and puppies had nice full tummies today....
    Love you,
    p.s. Could you please recruit a guy to sneak into my dear brother's room and pull on his big toe, just prior to him falling asleep? it will make sense to Joe, and he'll feel his sister's love from afar...thanks!

  2. Hey mom! I miss you and dad and i am praying for you!


  3. you have such a way with words, AP...
    Thanks for that! Have a good day today!
    ~the other "A"

  4. Beautifully said, Amanda! Hugs,love and prayers, Ann

  5. I feel for those little puppy!! Makes me miss Jeter! It brang a tear to my eye. Which you know is not very hard. You right Amanda all animals derisive food, medicate and a clean place to sleep. You are an amazing creation of God. He is doing wonderful things with you. I am praying for you and the whole team.

    Love Jen