Monday, December 2, 2013

A sense of community

We have finished an amazing day in a village just outside of San Vicente. Our team of 15 was split into two groups. We ended up building Four houses. The men all joined in to help, so we were able to teach them how to use the power tools and once shown and encouraged, it was great to see them standing taller full of pride.
    I experienced a special connection with a 54 year old man. It started simply handing him a shovel and a pick to a younger man and the two of them dug holes while I measured and supported there work. Afterward he asked to get his picture taken with me. Even though there is a language barrier I was able to express how God has used His love for us to bring us together in a special purpose to help build a better community.
   Building a community, not just houses was the special lesson we learned today.

    A special thanks to all our loved ones in Sarnia who are praying for us.    Nico

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  1. Love your post Nico! It brought tears to my eyes as I pictured the interaction you had with these folks. Continuing to pray and looking forward to hearing your reports in person.