Monday, October 12, 2009


Oh, my goodness......what a day!!! It was hotter than anything yet Percy still has his top botton on his shirt still done up......what a guy. The first house is up! Probably the hardest do the fact of the location, lack of shade and also just how this first glorified shed was to go together!!! Totally awesome to see everybody do something to get the job done!! It seems like the whole village is pumped and everyone looks to see what is going on and the beautiful women working so hard and sweating so hard...looking so HOT!!!! The water is great the food well......its a stretch.

This is difficult to say in 1 paragraph since Deve only gave me 5 mins, so this will have to do for today!

Thanks for all your support and prayers


  1. awwe joe! I guess I get to be the first to comment on your post! First.. so glad you all did well today with the heat - you were all well prayed for here in this home today :)
    love to you all... so excited about what you are doing there..
    Beth, luke and salah

  2. Hey Joe,
    Your humour is great. They must be enjoying your expertise in building.

  3. Hey bro....lots of comments from Jeff today when he heard you'd be working all day with your shirt. We miss you~ yet are rejoicing that one home is built!!! YAY!!!!
    Go team go!! God is accomplishing great things already through you!

  4. Hey Joe,
    Thinking of you every minute and glad to hear your first 'house' went up already. The heat must be oppressive. Praying for you and loving you.
    Karen and Bill

  5. Hello Joe: Beth just told me about what you and Vanessa are guys are so inspirational. Keep up the excellent work!

    Take care,
    Jenn Mosley

  6. Joe,

    Sounds like God is really using ya!! The heat sounds brutal. I will keep praying that you will continue to be the hands and feet of Christ.


  7. Way to go Joe. It looks like God is really using your talents in El Salvador. Reading about the heat sort of confirms my decision on not going on this trip but who knows maybe next year. God bless you on the rest of your journey.

    Uncle Pim