Monday, October 12, 2009


I guess I could keep talking about how dire the situation is here for alot of people, But I won't. Instead I would like to talk about the form of two incredible young men....Jose and Oscar. They were at service tonight representing Teen Challenge. They were surprised to here that we had a Teen Challenge in Canada. They are in the infant stages of their ministry but are trusting in God as they go. The main focus of their ministry are the street gangs which roam the city streets at night here. They are providing an alternative for the young men who are looking for change in their lives and the path they are on. They currently rent a location and have recently been given a bread oven. Their thought was to have young men learn to bake bread and other items. No one volunteered to go learn to become a bread baking are going to do it themselves. They are learning to make bread so they can teach ex gang members a way of supporting themselves and their families, and be part of productive society. Actually they are simply showing Gods love for these young men when they need it most.
They are also planning to offer an english course to these men as part of the ministry.
Talking to these two guys you can really feel the passion they have for God and the community they live in.
Please pray for Jose and Oscar as they venture forward on the path laid before them. Pray also for their families and the communities they will be impacting. May God bless and keep them.


  1. That's so cool!! Looking forward to your next blogs, Don. Your descriptions are so good...makes it seem like we're right there with you. Praying for you...all is well here!
    Love, the M's.

  2. Hi Don, I'm Crystals cousin from Montreal. I have good friends from El Salvador. Great to know you are doing God's work there. We will be praying for you.
    God Bless,
    David Maye..Montreal

  3. Hey Don,
    That was exciting to hear of the Teen Challenge program. With all of you builders there, things must go very well. Isn't it great to let God have our skills.