Sunday, October 11, 2009


I found myself wondering today, How did I get here? I'm standing in a tiny area in what I would consider the middle of nowhere looking into people's lives that I didn't even know existed before today. And here I am about to commit to building them a new home. And oh what a blessing it will be to provide that for them. These lovely folks with such dark hair and dark smiling eyes seem so genuinely grateful for the gift they are being given. How could it be that I have travelled here to be the hands God will use? I have so many failings and so many weaknesses, but yet, He has allowed me this awesome privilege. And on top of that, He has sent me here with a crazy rag-tag group of fellow missionaries from the SEMC. I haven't even been out to dinner with many of these people, and here I am with them on the back roads of El Salvador!
Travelling on the back of a pick-up truck has been an adventure to say the least. What a hoot!
We have chuckled and laughed and just had a fabulous time together today. I love the family of God!! Monday it will be all work, so we've been told. So please pray for the endurance and stamina of the team. It truly is hot here. Of course, Deve loves it, but this little girl from Northern Ireland likes it just a bit cooler.


This morning we were able to visit the 4 families that are going to get a home. The conditions seem unbelievable to us, but there was so much of the same everywhere we went. There was no feeling of sadness among the locals. The kids are happy to see you and the smiles are precious.
After that we were able to settle in with a large group of kids at Basilio´s house. Little boys got to play with markers and color, little girls got their nails painted. Alot of pictures of sweet faces. Team members seemed to get mobbed depending what was in their bag. Joy seem to have won that round with a bag of rockets.

Not being able to easily communicate with the children was a little frustrating. I would have given anything to have been able to pick up and hug some of these lilltle people. God gave us a peek of how amazing He is today. I pray that He continue to reveal Himself to us so that we can continue to serve how He wants us to serve.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with Treena and the boys, Peggy and Barry, and the foster Mom. We must stay faithful and trust Him.