Friday, April 7, 2017

Learning to Listen

It's been a very busy week down here and for those of you who have remembered that we were away, thank you for your prayer!

On Monday we built 5 houses in the morning and then began our meetings in the afternoon. The first day and a half was training with our guest, Mark Crocker from Together we were reminded about the importance of pre-trip preparations and post-trip debriefing. Mark also underscored the value of telling the story, not of what we do, but of those we meet - allowing their stories to impact our lives and be shared with others. It's about learning to listen.

On Wednesday, we had a full day of our Shelter AGM. While the majority of leaders would prefer to be outside in the beautifully hot 40 degree weather, the sacrifice to do the "business" of ministry is extremely important. We are humbled by the way in which the Lord is allowing this ministry to grow as we have built over 370 homes since last April, which is 370 families, maybe unto 1,500 people who have heard the good news of Jesus Christ, seen His love in action and are being given the opportunity to learn more about Him as the local churches we partner with continue to go into these communities.

Today, we built another 5 houses. Our team built a "tiny house" - it was modified to fit a very small space. Hopefully I'll share more on that another time. The real highlight for the day came in the afternoon. We switched things around and had the El Salvador leaders sit at the head table and share their roles and their perspective on the work. We are learning to listen to what God is doing through those who see and interact with the Spirit's leading down here on a 24/7 basis.

As we have learned to listen, we are learning to empower and release the giftings of our friends, brothers and sisters in Christ to do the work of the Lord. Though it is obvious our cultural differences will always provide a tension, we pray that it will be a healthy tension that allows us to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of the poor communities within which we work in El Salvador and among our team members at home in Canada.

Friday, is key ceremony day and then we celebrate with our El Salvadorian community leaders, honouring them for a season of wonderful blessing! Thanks for sharing the journey!