Monday, December 2, 2013

Warm again- Ahhh

Another year, I find it so hard to leave my family at home. But when I am here I love being here. Leaving the cold behind is a huge blessing for me. I was colouring with a very cute little boy today and he talked to me continuously even though he knew my Spanish was pathetically limited. I made a resolution again to learn this language- hold me accountable when I get home. My pronunciation of the colours was quite amusing to him.
 I am looking forward to tomorrow, I may help (watch and learn) as the woman of the village cook for the men working with us on the houses. May need to pray extra hard tomorrow!:)

Both Full and Fulfilling

Today was exactly that....both full and fulfilling. Over the past few years of travelling to ElSalvador I think I have tried way to hard to know why God keeps calling me here in particular. Why do I keep coming back each year? The truth is, it is never the same. Yes we build shelters, but now I can really see that more importantly we are building relationships. The houses are simply our ticket into the lives of people so we can share the love of Jesus. More importantly, I don't need to know why I just need to be willing.
Today four houses were built...the number of relationships could not be measured. I constantly found myself wanting to slow down and absorb all that God was doing. The homes were being assembled while communities and the team were working alongside of each other. We ate together, played together and best of all crossed the barrier of language and culture and laughed while visiting together. Not as a team from another country doing work for them, instead, as women, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. Deep personal conversations, sharing our stories and sharing the love of Jesus.
This afternoon was awesome. I met four beautiful strong women. Paula was receiving a house. Last month on Nov. 10 her husband died. Her oldest son only 15, bore the weight of the responsibility to help provide for their small family. Her husband never got to see their dream of a safe and secure home. This new much needed house served as a relief to them and a reminder that God has not forgotten them and in her words, "given hope and peace". We laughed together and cried together today.
Seeing and playing with the kids really made me miss my own.  I think I may have frightened one poor boy named Mario. He reminds me so much of my Quinn that I have the urge to hug him and smooch his face....he keeps his distance from the crazy Canadian mom. If you see my kids this week...don't hold back, hug 'em and smooch 'em from me please!


A sense of community

We have finished an amazing day in a village just outside of San Vicente. Our team of 15 was split into two groups. We ended up building Four houses. The men all joined in to help, so we were able to teach them how to use the power tools and once shown and encouraged, it was great to see them standing taller full of pride.
    I experienced a special connection with a 54 year old man. It started simply handing him a shovel and a pick to a younger man and the two of them dug holes while I measured and supported there work. Afterward he asked to get his picture taken with me. Even though there is a language barrier I was able to express how God has used His love for us to bring us together in a special purpose to help build a better community.
   Building a community, not just houses was the special lesson we learned today.

    A special thanks to all our loved ones in Sarnia who are praying for us.    Nico

What an awesome God

Let me just say wow!!! How Great is Our God. This trip is my first Missions trip ever. I have been humbled and amazed. To see the families just be happy with a new house. When we as North Americans are always wanting the next big thing.

Today it was a blessing to work along side of the villagers and hanging out with them.  I know that sometimes I found myself wanting to do all  the work. However, watching and teaching some of the guys how to use a impact gun or just seeing their faces when they accomplish a task. Made it all the worth while to be here.

Jason Thompson