Friday, October 14, 2011


Today I said goodbye to old and new friends. It was emotional. It is always emotional, but this time there was a greater sence of anticipation of what the Lord might do in the lives of the girls and woman we connected with. This week left me heartbroken for them. I saw first hand the difference between a woman in El Salvador with confidence and purpose and those who had none. Theresa is a single mother. Her life is hard. She needed a home built for her because she did not have one. Their is a light inside of Theresa that shines in her smile, her warm embraces and in her generosity. Theresa has purpose. Theresa has hope. Emily is a young girl maybe 8 years old. She is already a leader. All week she helped me, and stood with me as I spent time with the children. Pray for Emily. Pray she will become an empowered woman with an influence in her community. Gladia is another single mother who recieved a house. She lost her husband a year ago and in now alone with her 5 children. When I asked her how she can make a difference in her community she was at a lost. She is consumed with her day to day struggles and yet she is such a strong woman who has amazing potential.
Leisha and I had the opportunity to speak with our friends Stephanie and Rosa. We talked about purpose and their future and then prayed with them to accept the Lord as their Saviour. How awesome our God is. He blessed us with a wonderful translator with a heart for these girls. All the details had been worked out. We only needed to be here.

Joy and Joe

Tracks In The Mud

It is always a wonder when you see tracks in the mud isn´t it? Where are they going? Where did they come from? Who do they belong to? In all the rain that we´ve had, there have been many tracks left in the mud and I do hope they serve as a reminder that God has been and will be in this place.
However the tracks in the mud that I´m writing about right now are much more difficult to speak of. They are not so sweetly symbolic. They are actual tracks. Railroad tracks that lead to and come to rest along the saddest of shacks I have ever seen. As miserable as this rain has been I can´t imagine the life inside these shacks along the tracks in the mud. The water rapidly pours down the slopes and comes to rest within the shacks where a woman, her husband and 3 little boys live. No electricty and no clean water except for that that runs along the floors of her home. All their lifes belongings hang from the shabby ceiling in a hammock and they sleep in a small space not bigger than 5´x5´. They go to bed at 5pm because after that they cannot see. If it rains too hard thay can´t cook on the fire. Their children get a cup of coffee and small piece of bread for breakfast, beans for lunch, beans for supper and if there is money perhaps a tortilla with supper. A shack along the tracks in the mud. God knows where they are. God knows where they have come from and because of prayer and the Hope that rests in Jesus....God knows where the will be going. Pray for the direction of the tracks in the mud....that they would go in the direction of Jesus!


Is this really happening?

Maybe you've heard that our internet has been sketchy at I'm typing fast!!!

So many times over the last several days, we've caught ourselves saying just that, Is this really happening?

It was certainly mentioned at the job site on Wednesday. As we slopped around in the mud and sunk into sink holes, we were wondering... As we put up that house in the pouring rain, while hearing about other parts of the country washing away, we wondered. But somehow, that house went up and a father that had been sleeping outside in this weather to protect his belongings had a roof over his head at last.

There's no question it was whispered under our breath over and over again on Thursday as we travelled to 2 Compassion projects. Oh my! NEver, and I mean never, in my life have I been a part of something like that. We were treated like royalty out in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. And as we wondered down railway tracks to visit children in their homes - and I use that word carefully - we said it right out loud. Thankfully, my anxiety meds kept me from totally losing it, but still, I was bawling like a baby and my beloved husband as well as many other team members - matched me tear for tear.

This morning, it is pouring again. Is this really happening? It would seem so. God brought us here and we're determined to finish well.

Love to all,