Friday, April 12, 2019


Saying "Thanks!" at times seems like it doesn't convey enough..but in the limitations of my small grasp of the English language, it's all of I've got. So, I'll give you my all: Thanks!! A whole bunch!! Over the last several years, the Governing Board of our home church, the Sarnia EMC, has given me the freedom to spend two weeks away on Global Mission. It's a gift that continues to provide tremendous encouragement, refreshment and energy. Serving on the Shelter Canada Board of Directors is a tremendous privilege.   It has allowed me to see the Lord making a transformative difference in the lives of thousands of Salvadorans, and hundreds of Canadians, every year.

One highlight from our meetings has been the recognition that in this past season, 2018/2019, Shelter Canada has built 464 homes for 464 families in El Salvador. This past season 313 team members, in response to God's commissioning call, made their way from Canada to El Salvador. As a result 1,527 people were moved into new homes that provide safety, security and shelter!! 1,527!!  That means that every team member had a Kingdom influence on five Salvadorans. Each one of those people the 313 + 1527, were enfolded within the work of confronting injustice and demonstrating mercy. The result, we pray, is that many are being transformed to make their life decisions in ways that honour God. Our theme verse for Shelter comes from Micah 6:8.

As we get the chance to connect with other leaders from across our country, we are humbled by the stories they tell of their personal transformation as well as how the lives of their team members are being transformed by the grace and truth of Jesus!

There is more to tell...always there is...but for now, I'll leave at this: Thanks! For your support, your prayer, your encouragement and your interest.

If you'd like to join one of our teams, let's talk about it!