Sunday, November 25, 2018

God Has A Plan

This evening at church, we sat through what must've been the longest service ever. And while normally I would have dosed off or lost interest part way through, there was something that caught my attention and held my interest the entire time.

During the service, the Pastor brought up his son to share his testimony. When he was only 1 year old, they learned that he could not hear. He was born deaf. His parents grieved for him because he would never be able to hear, which meant he would never be able to speak either. They faced trials, they gave up hope, and they started to lose their faith.

Fast forward 7 years, their son was accepted into a school for people who are deaf. There he learned how to sign, and eventually he learned how to talk. Praise the Lord! This tragedy was now a triumph.

But, God didn't stop there. A few more years, and he started to hear. He got 90% of his hearing back! It was a miracle! It still is a miracle!

Again, God didn't stop there. He now is able to use his gift of hearing, his gift of speaking, and his gift of signing, to bring the word of God into the deaf comunity! And since signing is universal, he can speak with and translate to not only people who speak Spanish, but to people who speak English!

Sometimes when we're going through difficult times, we start to lose hope, and we start to lose faith. But in the midst of every trial and tragedy, God has a plan. Just like God used the struggles of this young boy, He will use our struggles to bring Glory and to share His good news. As hard as it may be, we just have to be patient and pray. Gods plan may not be apparent now, or anytime soon, but in His good timing it will.