Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Do You Say?

What do you say, when there are enough soccer jerseys to give to each of the, over 70 children, who came to play soccer?
What do you say, when the almost 3000 lbs of food you've been able to purchase, then bundle, then transport further into the mountains, then distribute, is sufficient to meet the needs of all those gathered on that day?
What do you say, when you stand inside the mayor's office and have him give clearance to begin building houses in another, even poorer area of this city?
What do you say when you get tired of jam sandwiches for lunch?
What do you say, when 17 people put aside their own fears, anxieties, weaknesses and preferences to work TOGETHER for one purpose?
What do you say, when 17 people play, laugh and encourage each other?
What do you say, when those 17 people have given all they have, willing to take on sickness, tiredness, and a longing for home?
What do you say, when you gather at the end of a long, tiring, emotionally draining, physically demanding day and week?

We say..."thank you God for teaching us more about you and somehow using us to help others see, feel and hear about the love of Jesus Christ."

Pastor Jorge would say: "Alleluia!!"