Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday was a very emotionally difficult day for me. I wondered even how I would make it through the week. Then on the way to breakfast this morning we drove along the same route as we always do. The streets littered with garbage and feasting dogs, cement buildings with what seems to be nothing inside and I was so thankful to be standing next to Percy. At that moment I felt weathered and worn like my surroundings. Then, amidst the the not so beautiful views were morning glories with the most beautiful foliage and periwinkle flowers climbing the wall. He told me that each night the flowers close up and fall off and each morning they send out new blooms. Gods timing is perfect. Today is a new day and I look forward to the challenges that God will bring tomorrow. Im sure that they will be challenges that will continue to draw me closer to Him. I am so thankfull for this team and for all of the team at home praying for us and encouraging us. Today I am most thankful for the way God used Percy to remind me of His love.


I met a little boy yesterday he reminded me a lot of my little boy. We worked side by side for several hours not saying much just enjoying each others company. (Aside from the fact that we had to play cherades each time we wanted to tell each other something) It struck me that human nature is the same no matter what part of the world we are in. We want to be loved and we want to be needed. Today was a particularly hard day. We have to dig 15 holes per house and the site we were building at today had two houses side by side to be built. So that makes 30 holes. The ground was very rocky and where there wasn´t rock it felt like rock. Some holes had to be 25 inches deep. The local neighbours and friends helped us dig today, what a blessing. Adoni worked right alongside us again today in the heat as slow, discouraging progress was made. But we did make progress. Then we went to church. Adoni goave his heart to the Lord, along with several others. What a great God we serve, I may never see that little boy again here on earth, but now I will in heaven.


Turns out I am a pessimist. Its okay. I'm working on it. Today was a great day to flex my new positive muscles. The first thing we do at each job site is dig holes. 15 I think. No small challenge. Easier when the ground isn't rock hard, and dry as a butterless piece of toast. I wanted to say something like, "its going to take forever" or "how are we ever going to do this" but, I'm growing. Yea. I am a student of the Lord. So I said nothing. I picked up the appropriate tool and waited my turn to sweat.
Everyone worked in shifts, doing what we could before our energy was sapped. We worked a team. A group not sequestered by language or skin colour, but united in purpose.

Sweat, hope, and perseverence bonded us. The ground may have been hard and brittle but the character and hearts of each person working was soft and pliable, ready to be shaped for His purposes.