Thursday, October 15, 2009


Turns out I am a pessimist. Its okay. I'm working on it. Today was a great day to flex my new positive muscles. The first thing we do at each job site is dig holes. 15 I think. No small challenge. Easier when the ground isn't rock hard, and dry as a butterless piece of toast. I wanted to say something like, "its going to take forever" or "how are we ever going to do this" but, I'm growing. Yea. I am a student of the Lord. So I said nothing. I picked up the appropriate tool and waited my turn to sweat.
Everyone worked in shifts, doing what we could before our energy was sapped. We worked a team. A group not sequestered by language or skin colour, but united in purpose.

Sweat, hope, and perseverence bonded us. The ground may have been hard and brittle but the character and hearts of each person working was soft and pliable, ready to be shaped for His purposes.

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  1. Joy, your messages are a great blessing to me. I can see your smiles and imagine a serious or curious or anxious or deeply thoughtful facial expression as I read your beautiful words. May God continue to strengthen and encourage you as you minister so lovingly. Hugs.