Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A brief update considering the events of the last two days:

First, on behalf of the Shelter team of leaders, thanks to those of you who have been praying earnestly for us. We serve a Great God, who is able to lead us forward while walking with us, protecting us from behind, and watching over us. How He does it, we'll likely never know. What we do know is that we sense it, even in the midst of difficult circumstance there is Peace.

Today, we were able to go into a different community and build 4 houses!! 4 families lives are changed and 4 more opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

We were also able to start our meetings today, and while I'm sure you excited to hear all about them, I'll share this one story: Pastor Herman, from the Auditorio Cristiano Church in San Salvador, came to share the vision of their church family. He spoke from Acts 2, and the movement of the followers of Jesus into the community, region and outward into the world. It's a message that echoes the heart of Shelter and it echoes the heart of the SEMC.

It's amazing to be caught up in Our God's unfolding story!!  I"m blown away every time that comes clear.

One more tidbit: I had the privilege of having a lunch meeting with Pastor Herman and Pastor Ricardo.   Pastor Herman was sharing with me how he had been pastoring there for 7 years and it just recently felt as though the church family really understood and were living according to the vision. I then had the privilege to talk about the Lord's work at the SEMC, and shared a similar story...again very amazing what the Lord is doing, uniting communities, churches and leaders across thousands of miles - together for the Glory of Jesus Christ!!