Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Staying Positive

Wow, we finally finished all the houses.  What a relief!  Over the last three days, one thing I learned is I am definitely not cut out for this heat.  It makes everything twice as hard.  Today was especially hard.  We had quite the hike up to the last house.  I was so exhausted from going up and down large rocky hills, and over and through fences, that by time we actually got to the house I was too tired and nauseous to help build the house.  Thank goodness for the rest of the team and all the villagers who were ready and willing to help out.

In the midst of all the chaos, I have found it rather difficult to stay positive.  While climbing up the hill to the last house, in attempt to stay positive, I thought to myself, "well at least it's up on the way there, so it will only be down hill on the way home".   But that was before I reached the top of the hill and realized the path went down and up and down again. So that meant that it would literally be 'up hill both ways'.  Kind of discouraging.

So while I was sitting at the work sight watching everyone else working hard on the house, I was feeling rather bummed out. So I sent up a quick prayer asking for strength and positivity, and perhaps an alternate route back down.  All in all, God answered my prayers.  The truck came up an alternate route to drive us back down so we didn't have to walk, therefore conserving my strength, and delivering a positive result.

So, having experienced all that, I have learned that its best to stay positive even through the hard times, because God is going carry you through to the end.

And on a side note... Mom, next time you tell me I need to start working out, I will take you more seriously.


The Building Stage is Completed

After what feels like more than 3 days of building, we have completed the building of 10 houses. Once again, I am humbled by the strength and willingness to learn that is shown by the people of El Salvador. On Monday, it seemed like a few of the men had never seen a drill before, let alone used one. By Wednesday they had caught on so quick that my drilling skills were easily surpassed (which isn't saying much....but they were  really good). 

I am very appreciative that I was able to come back here again this year, I feel that I needed to once again see how these people live in conditions that we may see as difficult, but still have such a great love for The Lord. The effort they go through to go to church on Sunday (an hour of walking up a mountain-sometimes in the dark) is very encouraging. I can't fathom living a life where I need to walk up and down mountains in extreme heat for 3 hours to do something as simple as get groceries. But to do all that because of their love for their families reminds me of the conveniences in my life and I how I cannot take them for granted- this also inspires me to be a better servant of God. 

Please continue to pray for the people here. Over the years we have seen the families flourish here, this needs to continue and your prayers will make this happen.