Friday, October 15, 2010

Fishes and Loaves

This afternoon Ed "took" us to his swimming hole. It was a nice little place with really cool waterfalls. You paid your money to enter, there were some food and trinket vendors and a choice of a few different pools to swim in. We were able to swim out to a set of falls, climb the rocks to an upper pool, a rather easy task except for the fact that small fish (1" or so long)were constantly trying to nibble your toes, really. It was the weirdest thing. Deve joked later that it was his first ever pedicure.

We just had a very interesting evening (of course). What would a mission trip be without another truck break down. God blessed us by having it happen when we were at the Texaco station for ice cream. The clutch on the truck stopped working. Juan-Carlos, the guitar player on the worship team, was with us. His father is a mechanic and got us on our way, not before we got an interesting visitor who ultimately was escorted by the police in the police car to a location which wasn't far enough because he came back later as we were about to leave. I tell you....those Canadians are nothing but trouble.

We finished off the evening packing up the bins to give to the 6 families of the new houses, a bin for the family of the little girl who got hit before church, can't forget Pastor Jorge or Basilio and his family, have to include the lady who supplied her washroom during the building of the last three houses (she washed your hands for you when you were done),also 4 or so bins for the orphanage on Saturday morning, and left over supplies to be distributed by Pastor Jorge. It was amazing to me that I was nervous that we wouldn't have enough to hand out to all who we thought needed it. God took what you, our wonderful family back in Canada, sent with us and multiplied it to meet the needs of everyone we were hoping to reach,including the orphanage, which came up unexpectedly (just like Teen Challenge last year).

I can't stop being amazed at how our God reveals Himself to us everyday, and I pray I never will.

Thank you for praying for us, we miss and love you all.


P.S. Tomorrow we play soccer against the Mayors team in a "stadium". We are not sure what that means or what to expect. We are hoping to make it out with only 50% casualties. (We found out the P.I.M. also makes a great goalie)

Along The Way

Today was a most unusual day, unlike any other that I have spent in El Salvador, this year or last year.
Because our six houses have been built, we started the day in the city dividing up and putting together packages of food (Read Stan's blog below for details). As seems to be the way around here, what you start with is not what you finish with and so off we had to go to buy a little more of this and a little more of that. Along the way, waiting, waiting, driving, waiting, driving and waiting, we met up with five very different people. The first, David, who lives in Texas but was born here in San Vicente. We met him first when we went to purchase the 1700 pounds of corn and then again at the swimming hole. No coincidence in my books and we now will continue our new relationship via email, where he will help me to learn about the El Salvador culture, and I will keep him informed about the work God is doing. The second, Carlos, is a doctor (a General Practitioner) who last year worked with one of our World Partner medical teams. We were waiting outside the Texaco (having our evening treat) when Carlos pulled up with a friend. Maritza, the pastor's wife, recognized him and introduced him to me. It was another opportunity to continue what the Lord was already doing in His life, as he plans to join another World Partner medical team in November when they visit the area. The third, is the mayor of the region here. Last year, we seemed to connect very well, and this year has been more of the same. In our brief conversation (yesterday) we again discussed our shared concern for this community and our desire to work together for the benefit of the area. May God continue to work in each of these men's lives, that they may know the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. The fourth, has become a friend, Juan Carlos. He's a 27 year old guy, who loves the Lord, works hard at his job, serves well in the church and, is just finishing his university education. We were able to share our dinner time together, catch up, laugh over language barriers and somehow have a great evening. The fifth is Pastor Jorge, he gives of himself to the people of this community, to his church family and to his own family. He is a compassionate man who, willingly sacrifices time and energy, and is persevering in his desire to honour the Lord, by giving his all every day. He inspires me to have those qualities. Thank you Lord for the people we meet "along the way".


When Worlds Collide

Tomorrow is a big day. We will be giving the keys to 6 houses to 6 families and offering them a chance to start fresh with a special gift from God. I can't help but be struck with wonder that we have the opportunity to play a part in that. It's just us - a crazy rag-tag group from Sarnia (plus one) that God has brought to this place to do something good; something worthwhile; something lasting.

But that's not all that's happening tomorrow and my mind and heart are torn between this place God has brought me to and a place that is farther away still. My dear friend Shana (with husband and two of her children in tow) is whisking off to Ethiopia to meet and embrace her newest child, Zake. How can it be that she is going there while we are here? My mind is struggling to contain all that is happening! But oh what a blessing to know that God is completely aware of all that is going on! He can handle the details even when I can't.

I truly believe that tomorrow our worlds will collide as our One True Heavenly Father guides and directs both our journeys. And as promised, I will hold a special place in my heart tomorrow for a slightly darker little boy than the ones I will be gazing on directly. Much peace and many prayers Shana. I love you and your family. May Zake be all you could have imagined and then even a little bit more - 'cuz that's just God's way - He likes to add a little surprise every now and then and I know how much you like surprises!! (you can follow their journey here)