Friday, December 1, 2017

Young And Beautiful

While this is the name of a recent popular song it got new meaning for me this week. One of the families we were building for is a 19 year old father (Rulbert), a 17 year old mother (Veronica), and their 1 year old daughter.  Amazingly they were one of the highlights for me as they sat with smiles and gratitude describing:  How he had been working the farms since he was 9 when his grandfather had died and he had become the man of the house and how his Uncles who inherited the land had said he could use a small plot. How they had met when he visited her village and started talking while she was she was working doing laundry and cleaning homes (she would have been 14). How they had become friends, then dated, and finally become partners.  How his farm was 45min walk away so he leaves every day at 5am to work and she walks over later with her daughter to bring him lunch.   Through the entire discussion you could see and feel the Love this couple had for each other.  Then when asked about dreams for their daughter their answer was "we want her to always be happy and to put God first in her life".   That is when I realized this couple truly was Young and Beautiful.   May God bless them in their new home.