Sunday, November 30, 2014

Faithful and true

Tonight I am thankful for all the men I know, from my husband, to my dad, to my brothers, to so many faithful male friends within our extended church family. I am thankful for the honest and true legacy they are leaving to their wives, their children and ultimately, their communities just because they have chosen to stay. God has asked them to be faithful and they have answered that call.

Here in El Salvador, there is a generational legacy of choosing to leave. With downcast eyes, several women told us today, of being left alone. Of husbands and fathers who walked away and never returned. They told us stories of hopelessness and abandonment. It is always tough to hear.

We have a tough week ahead of us as we seek to raise these houses, but more importantly, to attempt to raise up hope and an understanding that all these people are special and worthy in God's eyes. He has not abandoned them. His love for them is faithful and true.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Almost Gone

Well in a few minutes we will board our flight to El Salvador. Thanks so much for joining our SEMC team on this trip. Your prayer and encouragement are a vital part of what makes this possible. Despite missing our exit off the highway and despite going to the wrong terminal and despite the fact that one of us forgot to unpack their camping utensils from the backpack their son was using and one of us was pulled aside for an explosives check ( not the one you're thinking)...we've made it through security and are almost gone.  Maybe this week you will read the Gospel of John, chapter 4 and enter into God's Story.