Thursday, October 14, 2010

God is good

We just finished day 6 here in El Salvador. One of my biggest fears coming to ES was wether I could handle the heat. It turned out not to bad after all, but definetly could not have done it without Gods help. It was exciting to be part of a great team wanting to do Gods work and see the finished product. Tomorrow the keys will be given to the new home owners and Im sure it will be a tender moment. This has truly been a lifetime experience, one that will never be forgotton.


New Friendships

I was surrounded by people yesterday thanking me for thier casa´s and pointing heavenward. It is an experience I cannot explain with pretty words. I want to do so much more for them...
This time around I am connecting even more with the people and giving each one a piece of my heart. One lady asked me today if I was coming back. She had such hope in her eyes (she doesn´t yet have a casa). We are surrounded by so many people everyday, kids and adults alike, touching us and trying to communicate. One little boy, Frank, has the most wonderful frown and misheivious eyes. He kept coming up to me during the soccer game to gloat each time they scored. When I scan the crowd of children I see Frank waiting for my eyes to find his, and he smiles...then frowns. I´ll miss Frank. At church last night a little boy from the village climbed up onto my lap during the message. He was Maggie´s age, and fit so perfectly, his weight a sweet reminder of who I left behind. When I let go of his hand, he firmly put my fingers back around his hand and squeezed. I got the message. These kids are so loved by thier parents, and now by us.

¨My Grace is sufficent´¨

Since I had this cold in my head and chest and a sorethroat I started to lean on what God said to Paul when he wanted the thorn removed....My Grace is sufficient for you, my power is made strong in weakness. We´ve needed that, I¨ve needed that. We´ve seen suffering, we have suffered. I´m sure by now many have read about the little girl being hit by the car right before church. I couldn´t shake it all night, I fell asleep still replaying it in my mind. That suffering we all experienced, knowing what had just happened turned out to be another demonstration of God´s power when we learned the little girl was going to be OK. Believe me...that´s a miracle!
When it happend I just ran to the car and kept praying for God to give me strength as I tried (later learning that Bassilio was right beside me) to move the car off the girl. It was chaos...someone just grabbed her by the feet and pulled her out. She was concious! She was alive! I just kept praying for her and I knew in my heart that she was going to be alright even before we got confirmation. Church was difficult at first. I fought hard to hold the tears back. That momment will mark my life forever, the squeeling tires, the thumps, the screems, the yelling, the crying, the girl rolling under the car, the pain in my hands from trying to move the car, the church service, the power of God so thick in that place you could touch it, the music, Pastor Deve´s message (which to me was another demontration of God´s power in those words)the thoughts that that could have been one of my kids...all of that accumulated into this one period of time, a time when God´s Grace was sufficient for all.

All of this did turn to joy. Today was a great day. We bagged 1000 pounds of rice and 1700 pounds of corn to give away tomorrow at the key ceremony. We then had some lunch and went back up to San Phillipe to play soccer with the kids, then we went to this beautiful spring fed pool, it was awsome. It was a great day.

I do want to say that our team is awsome. I´m so impressed with how well we work together, with how we look out for one another and support each other. This is a great place to be, I know I´m where God wants me to be.



The truth is, I'm having a difficult time putting my thoughts and feelings into words on this trip.
It has been my desire to be open to the wonder of God each day, and each part of each day.
I do believe that is happening and is probably why I can't formulate anything too much to say. So let met summarize some rambling thoughts:

1. I know that being here, for this short time, is right, no warm fuzzy feeling, just a real sense of belonging to this community.
2. I love the makes everyone else upset, but as the week goes on, I feel better and better.
3. I am seeing the Lord work through each and every member of our was a prayer that I committed to the Lord, knowing that putting 17 people together for a week is tough, but God is at work in us. If you read 1 Corinthians 12, you'll get a sense of how our team is purpose, for the Glory of God.
4. God is at work here...I know it, I see it, I feel it.
5. There is no way, I would have thought we could build 6 houses in 2.5 days, and do the eye
6. Don't be fooled, Brenna has a temper. I mistakenly stepped in to the frame as she was taking a picture. Hurricane Brenna unleashed..."ooooohhhh, Pastor Deve!" she squeaked. Yes, it was barely audible, but it was filled with unbridled fury. Somebody help :)
7. The simple giving of a well-timed encouraging word can change the course of someone's day, even their life.
8. I live in a different place and in a different way from the people of El Salvador, and yet there is no difference between me and them, we both need the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to make it through every day...that and when it really comes down to it, I think I could get by with a pig, a couple of chickens, and a few goats.

I told you they were rambling thoughts...God is good.

Thinking of You

Just a note from all of us over here to Jeff and Shana and the rest your wrestling team, we are all thinking of you and praying for you as you prep for the trip. We love you.