Friday, October 8, 2010

Ready to Go?

Well, it's here and I'm ready to go...I think. I have challenged myself and our team to think of this as being new and fresh. Inevitably the comparisons will be there...just as they are within me. This time is different already and I probably can't describe it. But if I base my perception on how others are treating this departure, this trip, this experience, this journey, then I believe it is already truly special.

My kids had a tough time letting us go last year. I'm having a tougher time this year. I loved that they each wanted to have lunch with Dad this week, even though I was only home for a couple of days.

It's already been an incredible week: Our community support has grown, and it is amazing to walk and ride through the streets and have people wish us well.

Our church family, they are amazing. They have supported and encouraged and worked and provided for us to be able to do this. So many blessings and so many hurts. It is hard to leave those who hurt, except knowing that the Lord will continue to bring help and healing.

Our team, I think I've communicated with all of them today, there is nervous anticipation and I am thankful for each one of them.

Last year, I went to El Salvador with a lot of questions. This year, I am ready to go with a great sense of wonder...ready to receive all that God will show me, to help those to whom He leads me, and willing to learn from all He has to teach me. So before we begin let me say thanks to our greater Sarnia community, thanks to our church family, thanks especially to Jarrett and Aynsley (and all our children/families), you have sacrificed much, may the Lord bless you all for your encouragement to us.