Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1st

I've only been here for 4 days now and words cant even describe this experience. You wonder and ask yourself.. Why would these people go to these places? Why would they go to one of the most dangerous places in the world and leave their lives behind to build families homes. Well.. I can officially say I know. It takes a brave and courageous human being to do such a thing and I am lucky enough to have 14 right here beside me. Changing somebodies life is breathtaking and knowing what these people do day to day just to survive is absolutely astonishing. No matter what lies infront of you there is always an answer.  


Children of El Salvador

Today we were at a village building a home for a family of 5  A single mother and 4 children.   It was the oldest child probably 12 years old that touched my heart.  She asked her mother if when the people from Canada come will they build us a home and the mother said no they won't I have been too sinful but the little girl began to pray every night.  Then the mother said 2 weeks ago we were contacted and told we were going to receive a house. When asked the mother says she now believes. We told her once you believe in Jesus nothing you can do can make God love you more and nothing you can do can make God love you less God forgives your sins do you beleive this and she said yes she did.  Then the mother told us the little girl (Emily is her name) stayed up until midnight every night clearing off the land so that we could build the house.  A child of faith in that home a child of El Salvador such a precious little girl with the faith of a giant.  It was a rewarding day today thank you Father God for this opportunity .