Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adventure, beauty and...pigs

Day one had it all... views of a beautiful country will rolling hills, mountains and a winding river, an extremely steep hike that would put many Algonquin portage to shame and PIGS.

First the pigs... in this village pigs are everywhere.  The bizarre thing is that they all just wander around in little pig heard, especially the little ones..kinda like a little pig gang and at the end of the day they all just go home.  They know where they live and all the villagers know whos is whos.  I learned that pigs are fast, very fast, I learned they can jump, in fact I saw a very large pig leap up and over a well that was almost 3 feet high. Amazing.  Oh and this applies to the cows, the horses and the chickens. Animals everywhere!

We are certainly surrounded by beauty. It's everywhere. I especially like the area we are building... the views are amazing.  It's funny though, villagers don't seem to care too much.  Each house has porch but no one wants their porch to face the sprawling view... it's about practicality and being close to where they cook.  I guess that makes sense.  Getting down to these homes was wild.  As Matt posted it was straight down... wow. 
 Anyway, the people here are certainly coming together.  Many people that are helping build had to hike up this path so it's pretty cool to see them working together. We expect this community to come together more and more as new homes are built. It's very cool to be part of something like this, something just getting off the ground in this area.


A beautiful creation

Here's a quick view from our "office window" yesterday. We built two homes in a remoter than remote village at the top of the highest peak between San Felipe and Rio Frio. There is such incredible beauty as we can look out and see the volcano, look beyond and see the ocean, look down and see the patchwork pattern of farmland in the valley below as the rio Lempa winds its way through. Spectacular. And more importantly so are the people. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to formulate some thoughts that we shared together last night in our team meeting  regarding the beauty of the people and how they are reflecting the Gospel. Thanks for praying.