Monday, November 26, 2018

There's a blog???

Apparently there’s a blog. 

Deve just informed me that our teams have had a blog for 10 years, who knew.  Not me 🤔

Well after ten years and almost as many trips I’ve realized that the teachers have become the students. Ten years ago our team did all the teaching (and made all the mistakes, haha). 

Now fast forward to today and the Shelter builders and community are showing us a thing or two, or many. Then, the realization that they don’t need us to actually build the house becomes evident very quickly. This is the LORD at work! Us Canadians have more freedom and opportunity to build relationships, inspire and be inspired. Many times we hear how encouraging it is that we travel so far and leave our family and busy lives. So are we needed here? Absolutely. Sending money to build houses isn’t enough. Sharing our love for the LORD and building relationships with his people is what it is about. We encourage and we are encouraged. We become partners, working together, side by side. 


From Lori

This is my first blog, and I am not much of a blogger, but I know how much I enjoyed reading them in past years.
Yesterday we met the families, and went to a church service in a new community, they were celebrating their 21 anniversary of being a church. It was a enjoyable service, but could have been a little shorter. I will put it this way I will never complain again if our service goes a few minutes over, as this service was 3 hours long. 

Today we went for my first ever build. I was very apprehensive about coming and how much could I do. But I felt very useful, Julia helped a to show me some of the things that were a little less physical, but still very necessary.
I was also unsure of the back of the truck ride, but found it quite enjoyable, and wonderful to experience this aspect with the team.

When Paster Deve says the houses will still get built, it is true, but to see the family we built a house for this afternoon, and how very very happy they were, is amazing. The father lifted his little 2 year old daughter up to put the numbers on their new house, and counted out each number to her. It was such a precious moment.
I am so thankful, that God has allowed me to be a part of this team.

Now to go to see what kind of experience supper will be😁.

Lori Halls

Year 10 Begins

Just a quick post to say that our travels from Sarnia to El Salvador went very smoothly, once everyone found their way to the Park N Ride :) Toronto. 

Sunday was a full day - it is about 1.5 hours to get to the remote mountain village. This morning we met the 14 families who will be receiving homes this week. It's always humbling to realize not just their need, but their belief that God would provide and the small glimmers of hope that may yet be fanned into flame. 

We then drove into Santiago De Maria, a potential new nucleus site for Shelter. We attended an energetic church service. It included a inspiring message (See Brittany's post), but also some great and loud music, picture Pitbull leading worship and you'll be close...We then drove back to San Vicente for a very late supper and late turn into bed. 

We've got an early start and a long hot day ahead of us on Monday. 

Thanks so much for your prayer and encouragement!