Monday, November 26, 2018

There's a blog???

Apparently there’s a blog. 

Deve just informed me that our teams have had a blog for 10 years, who knew.  Not me 🤔

Well after ten years and almost as many trips I’ve realized that the teachers have become the students. Ten years ago our team did all the teaching (and made all the mistakes, haha). 

Now fast forward to today and the Shelter builders and community are showing us a thing or two, or many. Then, the realization that they don’t need us to actually build the house becomes evident very quickly. This is the LORD at work! Us Canadians have more freedom and opportunity to build relationships, inspire and be inspired. Many times we hear how encouraging it is that we travel so far and leave our family and busy lives. So are we needed here? Absolutely. Sending money to build houses isn’t enough. Sharing our love for the LORD and building relationships with his people is what it is about. We encourage and we are encouraged. We become partners, working together, side by side.