Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well !! We going to the beach, and I´m so happy. Thank you for all Sarnia team. God Bless you and I love you in the love of the Lord.


Well, it´s saturday morning, been up since 5am, couldn´t sleep. I snuck out of my room to find Karen sitting on a bench in the hall, she was in the same whatever. We sat and talk awhile. ´´What was your favourite memory or highlight of the week?´´ we asked each other. We both drew blanks, then a look of panic came over our faces. That was definitely the number one question everyone would ask. Time to reflect.
I´m just typing out loud here.........

Was it the first time Tyson went to the baño (bathroom) and had to shoo a chicken out before he could go, or was it the second time Tyson went to the baño (bathroom) and had to shoo a chichen out before he could go.

Was it at Service on Wed. while Pastor Deve gave his message when Julia and I asked each other if we thought Deve was darker than usual. He was. Deve can tan. By Friday night, Deve can peel, boy can he peel.

Was it when some of the girls were riding in the back of the Mayors truck (long story to be explained later) with his ¨lackie¨as Amanda called him, and the girls proceeded to talk about him during the ride, laughing and carrying on only to find out at the end of the ride he spoke english.

Was it the time we got a flat in the morning and we ran out of diesel at night and had to push the truck a mile.

Was it when Joy screamed like a girl....oh, wait....she is a girl.........when she saw a spider the size of a mason jar lid (it was huge), it´s web was as thick as picture wire.

Or was it when Vanessa, Joy and Karen were installing window trims and decided to take over crowd control, well boy crowd control anyway. Everywhere they went they were followed by a group of sighing boys.

Then there´s Conchi. A woman who without saying a word, demands to be called Sir. At least that´s how scared of her I was. She was an awesome help. Tyson was organizing hole digging for the last house. He needed a hole dug deeper and told Conchi. She snapped her fingers and two men jump to their feet to apease her.

I know none of these will qualify but it was fun to share them.