Monday, October 11, 2010

I choose to call this Untitled.

Oh my lanta! What a whirlwind couple of days already! I have met so many incredible people and have already strengthened so many relationships! I absolutely love it here! It is completely different from Canada to say the least, but I feel right at home, despite the time moving at the speed of a turtle. The people are so welcoming and friendly, and often get jokes out of my lack of talent when it comes to speaking spanish and my inability to act out what I am trying to say.

I can´t even decide what my favourite part of this trip is so far. Church yesterday was an amazing experience that I really do not think will ever be topped. It was a small church, but so full of passion and love. To hear everyone singing in Spanish, and then us in English was beautiful. I personally thought that it would noisey and would irritate me, but it didn´t at all. I was completely taken aback by the ability of God´s people to come together to unite beautifully for the soul purpose of worshiping God.

My second favuorite part was this afternoon, when I was hanging out with the children, which I thought would be impossible because of the language barrier but it really is not, and somehow we got into a tickle fight. So there I was, a poor little Canadian girl literally being tickle attacked by what seemed to be 2306785 children speaking to me in spanish! It was insane! But totally hilarious!

Anyways, these last couple days have been awesome. And God has already blessed me and shown himself to me in so many different ways, I can not wait for the rest of the week to experience more of him, and how he is working within these people, and within us.

Please continue to pray for strength and unity within our team, and well as energy! because it is very much needed!

and ps. Despite the situation with Stan´s tomato face, I seemingly did not learn the important lesson that was available to me, because my skin today is so burnt and hot, that you could literally fry an egg on my shoulder.

And to my dearest sister Erin, I will not get lost, don´t you fret.

Love through Christ,


All God's Creatures

Sometimes, it's the little things that cause me to stop and really think about my life and the vast differences I see between home and here. Today, those "little things" came in the form of two tiny, underdeveloped, flea-covered puppies. When I saw those two little creatures with their ribs sticking out and their sad, mournful eyes, my mind flashed back to home and my "furry wee son", Fergus. I couldn't help but think how my dog is lavished with love and attention; that he has fresh food and water in his bowls everyday; that he gets treats just for being cute; that he receives annual medical check-ups and treatment when he's not feeling well; he has a cozy bed to sleep in and toys to occupy his time; he is free to run and play without fear of being hurt or mistreated. And I couldn't help but realize that Fergus, my little dog (and yes, I realize he is just a dog) is more of a priority to me than many of the children of God currently sharing this planet with me. That doesn't seem right, does it? My heart was breaking for the little pups I met today. I wanted to give them a big bowl of milk and fatten them up so they'd have those "puppy tummies" I love so much. But was my heart breaking for the men & women around me this morning and for their beautiful children? And what about God's children in countries throughout the rest of the world? What about Canada? What about Sarnia? God's love is big enough to embrace ALL of His children, I can only hope and pray that I will be up to the challenge. Good night to all of God's creatures, both big and small. God made you and He loves you.



Well its Sunday night and day two is complete. Learned a few things.... Tyson is scared of midgets and clowns, even if he looks in the mirror....Karen is cherishing a break from Tim, separate rooms....and Im really glad to be back here. It was absolutely priceless to see the old man from last years house 2. He was smiling ear to ear when he saw us. He had really taken the house and made it his home. It turns out that he is 88 years old and not 99. We found out that a week after he took posession of his new house, his old one collapsed. Gods timing is so perfect.
It was really cool to see some of the familiar kids faces, one girl is in the cookbook, they are just as precious as they were last year.
I am really blessed to be able to share this experience with my wife. I am excited to see how our relationship with each other and God will grow by doing this together. I miss my kids am incredible amount, but know this was Gods will that we are here.
On one final note I have to say I find myself missing Percy. Percy you are in our thoughts.
Hi Eric, Nicole, and Stacy, I miss you so much.


I have to admit that coming on this trip gave me certain expectations. My husband came last year and after hearing his stories and seeing the pictures gave me certain expectations. Yes, alot of the scenery was familiar to me from the pictures and recognizing people from pictures...but that is where it stopped. The word ¨surreal¨ comes to mind. I don´t believe that anyone could prepare themselves for the reality of what is here. It is very hot but you have already read that from other pòsts, there is alot of poverty hence one reason why we are here. I am trying to decide on which is more beautiful..the gorgeous landscaping, mountains and such unique surroundings or the people who have amazingly welcomed us here with open arms. Even those that will be not be benefited by a new house. As we pass by we can always count on a warm smile or a wave attached to an olla! Although they don´t have much to offer us let alone their families, they have warmth and compassion. This is all after only 2 days of being here. We start to build the first house tomorrow and I can hardly wait! No more expectations for me, I am just going to take it all in and take what I can get! the Lord is Great!



I was looking forward to church today. I was looking forward to the unique experience of hearing and participating in the worship. As the english and spanish praise was (loudly) raised to the picturesque mountains, it made me think of the babylonians. They were working together to build a tower that would glorify themselves. God confused their languages because they were using their God given skills to make a name for themselves. In return the language barrier drove their progress to a halt. But when God is being glorified, in unison the language barrier is a beautiful,moving and humbling experience.
Miss you all