Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bring It On!

Well, here we are all safe and sound and tucked away for the evening at the airport hotel. It's (almost) beginning to feel a bit like home here... Everything and everyone made it safely through customs at the airport...even the medical kit was inspected and waved on through.Praise God for that!! We have had a swim in the pool and a lovely hot shower followed by a delicious buffet dinner. And we have had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Ricardo from a church in San Salvador. Wow! What passion and excitement for the Lord's work where we are headed in Victoria tomorrow. He has got a plan and he's so thrilled that our church wanted to send a team to help him with that dream.  It's just so like what our SEMC church is living out each day...get to know people where they are at and find ways to bless them right there. Our love for the Lord will help draw them into their own relationships with Him. So cool! I am ready.  Ready, to head out of here tomorrow and finally see what a room built to sleep 11 really looks like! I am ready to meet some fantastic new people! I am ready for what the Lord is going to teach me this week! I am ready to run in the other direction if we hold a medical clinic (hahahaha)!!