Monday, April 8, 2019


Well, Tyson and I arrived on time in El Salvador on Saturday night. I say that because it's easy to get used to smooth travel without incidence. We can take it for granted that we can travel thousands of kilometres through the air, as easy as a walk down the hall.

We left from Sarnia and flew to Toronto. Enjoyed a nice breakfast and boarded our next flight to Houston. All was well. We settled into our seats, went through the safety demonstration and the plane started to back out. All was well...and then it wasn't. The plane stopped. The pilot came on and informed us that we need to pull back into the gate because some trash had flown into one of the engines. Not to worry, he said, as it should only take a few minutes to deal with and then we'd be on our way. A few minutes turned into an hour, and then almost two. We then deplaned and got in line to begin making alternate arrangements, when they called us back on board. We were ready to go. While many would miss their connections in Houston, we still had a shot at making ours...did I mention that the South East of the U.S. was experiencing some bad storms?  Well they were. The turbulence lasted for at least an hour - it was  the drinks--sent-flying-people-bonked-their-head-kids-thinking-they-were-on-a-rolle-coaster kind of turbulence.

Somehow we made it into Houston. Thankfully our arrival gate was switched to the same terminal as our connecting flight and we managed to walk right into the end of the line just before the last call.

So we made it on time, as scheduled...with great anticipation for what the Lord will teach us and prepare us for next.

We are together with 54 other people from across Canada. Each person represents existing teams or potential new teams. There's anticipation. 7 years ago when we started these leaders meetings there were 13 of us. We met with anticipation then...and are humbled by what the Lord has done with us, through us and among us in that time.

In addition to our meetings, we will also be building homes for 12 families in need. A community will be enfolded within the Kingdom of God, as the Gospel lovingly goes out in word and deed.

What will He do next?  We're excited to find out. Thanks for talking to Jesus about us and on our behalf this week...