Thursday, April 4, 2013

Under the Hot Sun

Today, I helped build one of the houses. Our team split into two, and went off to two different worksites. Our worksite had no shade, and there was no cloud cover. It was extremely hot and I am thankful for the water that we had there. Two of the men on our team took the time to show me how to and help me drill siding onto frames, cut the metal flashing and drill in one of the windows. They were great teachers, and it was an amazing feeling to be the hands and feet of Jesus despite the heat. 

When we were giving the old man his keys, we asked him what this house would mean for him and his wife. He was speechless and started crying. All he could say was "gracias" over and over. I'm learning this week that these people have stronger faiths than I've ever seen even though they have much less than what we have in Canada. They know that God will provide for them no matter what. 

I enjoy the rides in the back of the trucks a lot. It's bumpy and crowded at times but it is still a real cool experience and perspective. I love the bright colours of the buildings in the city, so different from Canada. I'm also enjoying the food too. I try everything even if it looks different from what I'm used to. The only thing I haven't like so far is plantain, which is kind of like a banana but sweeter. 

Now it's time for bed... goodnight!:)


P.s. my heart breaks every time a see one of the poor dogs on the street 

p.p.s. the kids are really cute and I want to take them all home