Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Experiencing something new

This trip has been so incredibly eye opening to hear from the lives directly touched and forever changed by the efforts of the compassion organization. To hear them say Thanks be to God I am so blessed. It has been a priveledge to sit and hear their stories of how in desperation they called to God and he answered faithfully and miraculously.

But I must say I do miss the familiar faces, the ones I look forward to seeing. I keep telling myself this is a new and different trip enjoy the newness of it, but I find myself still searching and missing my friends here. With the house building projects we start as strangers but soon we are friends that get to know each other better as the week goes on. This experience the faces are different with each stop we make. Wow there are so many to pray for already and it is only Tuesday. What a neat experience to watch my kids take it all in! Taijah and Shailah I wish you could have come but all the standing and sitting still, would surely have driven you mad!

Looking very much forward to wrapping my arms and my heart around a special boy and girl on Thursday, whose faces I will see on my fridge for many years to come, Lord willing.

Love you all at home tonnes!
P.S. Amanda just in case you were wondering, I am loving the heat and missing sharing it with you:)