Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The story continues!

At our hotel the last day we (Brittany and I) were approached by a person asking what is Shelter Canada.  So we tried to explain yes we build houses but more importantly we build relationships.

As I try and catch up on my sleep and readjust to life in Canada I find myself thinking were the last 9 days just a dream?  The week was filled with a variety of activities, listening to testimonies, colouring, painting nails, talking to families, seeing businesses that have come about in the last few years, trying new food, climbing towers,  and yes we did build homes.  But as we have been reminded it isn't about the houses its about relationships.  So, as I come back and think there are many things I do but life isn't about what you do but the relationships you build and that is the area I am going to try and cultivate.

So at this time of year I want to encourage you not to look at the Christmas activities as much as the relationships in your life and focus on them.