Sunday, April 7, 2013


Things I love about being here with Dad:
~ his love for the people here
~ how he has a special relationship with the team that lives here (pastor jorge, hector, noe, etc.) it's hard to describe but there is just something about it that is so cool
~ he didn't forget me anywhere
~ his hardwork building houses
~ he lets me eat candy
~ the time he took to show and explain everything to me
~ the way he answers my questions so that I will understand
~ being silly with him
~ his passion to show other's the love of God
~ he lets me use his iPhone

Things I love about being here with Aynsley: 
~ how she was willing to be part of everything we did
~ her connection with the children...everywhere we went
~ she didn't get left behind
~ her willingness to try new things like building houses, riding in the back of trucks
~ her ability to be part of our team of leaders
~ she made me give her candy
~ her tenderness for those who have less than we do
~ she was a great listener
~ she never complained about having to drink pop everyday
~ sharing a world that she has sacrificed 4 years to let her mom and I grow attached to; and loving it just like we do
~ she steals my iPhone when I am in meetings

Things that God has shown us:
~ you don't have to speak the same language to communicate genuine love
~ true poverty is real and it sinks deep into your heart
~ the answer to poverty isn't "stuff" it's Jesus
~ we shouldn't feel sorry or saddened but should join them in their desire to glorify God even in these circumstances
~ working with a team of broken people who are passionate about God is one of the greatest experiences anyone can ever have...and it makes a wonderful birthday gift
~ someone needs to help the doggies (this isn't necessarily unanimous)
~ we want to continue to be part of what God is doing to help those in need

Thanks for praying for us this week!