Friday, March 11, 2011

A Different Kind of Day

After four days of constant activity, Thursday was certainly a different day. We stayed at our hotel and had meetings all day. As team leaders we were given presentations on "God's View of Mission" and the History of Missions in the EMCC (it is pretty amazing to understand how we fit into God's call to reach all people), we went through the "Training Manual" in hopes of revising it to contain the best information for people considering coming to El Salvador. There was a presentation and discussion: building houses, on holding Medical Clinics and I gave a presentation on the process of holding an Eye Glass Clinics. The goal of these sessions was to allow the other groups to see what everyone else was doing down here, and how God is using us all together to make a difference. From that perspective, the interaction was surprisingly very good all day. Our last presentation of the night was by the El Salvador Police, which basically reinforced our current practices of staying safe in the midst of an active drug and gang environment.

Would we have preferred to be outside building houses? Not today. By mid morning a violent wind rose up, the skies darkened and the rain (and hail) came pounding down on the metal roofs and water filled the streets. As we drove to supper later in the day, we noticed that some houses within this city were blown over...the need is endless...
The temperature likely dipped below 30 degrees. Don't worry, I'm willing to suffer. Thankfully I had a sweater that I could put on.
Friday promises to be an engaging day, as we contemplate the future in El Salvador. We would appreciate your prayer, as always.