Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What an incredible day today. I love how God is a God of the here and now. He decides what He wants to reveal to us in His time. Today He moved an issue happening in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to the forefront for us. Wait a second, aren´t we in El Salvador on a misions trip? Yep, but God answered prayer and let us know through an email. It is so amazing to me that distance (really long distances in this case) has no part in Gods scheme of things. The situation with Treena (my spelling is terrible) and the boys has been a part of this trip as much as the El Salvador people. We are all so excited the receive the good news. Not only did we get an encouraging email from Peggy, we also a text message from Treena. We are so blessed as a church family.
Thankyou Peggy and Barry for the incredible support you´re providing for Treena and the boys. Thankyou church family for the prayers we know you are praying for Treena.

Treena, Please know that we over here are also praying you and the boys. We care for you deeply and trust the Lord will give you peace and comfort during this difficult time.