Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know this is a bit early for our Canadian friends and family, but really, how can we not be thankful. My heart has been humbled, yet again, by the way in which the Lord has prepared this team for what lies ahead over the next 10 days.
He has provided the funds. He has provided the team. He has provided a tremendously encouraging, generous and compassionate church family. He has provided clothing, vitamins, and all kinds of supplies for the children of El Salvador. He has provided a new partnership with Compassion International (Thursday). He has provided new local partners (Shoppers Drug Mart - who have donated over 200 pairs of new eyeglasses, Al's Vacuum & Sewing Centre - who have provided 5 sewing machines and a wealth of knowledge for setting up a sewing ministry, the Milk Bag Club from P.E. McGibbon School - who made 13 mats, Emma's Place - for holding an ice cream fundraiser). He has maintained and strengthened existing partnerships (Dr. Gordon Warren, Empower Ministries).
So I am thankful...not just because we're going somewhere else in the world to tangibly express the love of Jesus Christ. I am thankful that going somewhere else in the world is merely one part of all that the Lord has us doing as we invite others into the Kingdom of God. Going elsewhere is an extension of who we are and what we do here. The things that we love to do in El Salvador are one part of all that God is doing with us as a church family.
So I am thankful...for the many kind words, commitments of prayer, encouragements to go, the willing sacrifice of those close to us that free us to go.

Most of all, I am thankful for the inexhaustible love of Jesus Christ that continues to teach me, uphold me and fuel me to love, serve, encourage and rescue others.