Monday, November 26, 2018

Year 10 Begins

Just a quick post to say that our travels from Sarnia to El Salvador went very smoothly, once everyone found their way to the Park N Ride :) Toronto. 

Sunday was a full day - it is about 1.5 hours to get to the remote mountain village. This morning we met the 14 families who will be receiving homes this week. It's always humbling to realize not just their need, but their belief that God would provide and the small glimmers of hope that may yet be fanned into flame. 

We then drove into Santiago De Maria, a potential new nucleus site for Shelter. We attended an energetic church service. It included a inspiring message (See Brittany's post), but also some great and loud music, picture Pitbull leading worship and you'll be close...We then drove back to San Vicente for a very late supper and late turn into bed. 

We've got an early start and a long hot day ahead of us on Monday. 

Thanks so much for your prayer and encouragement!

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