Monday, December 2, 2013

Both Full and Fulfilling

Today was exactly that....both full and fulfilling. Over the past few years of travelling to ElSalvador I think I have tried way to hard to know why God keeps calling me here in particular. Why do I keep coming back each year? The truth is, it is never the same. Yes we build shelters, but now I can really see that more importantly we are building relationships. The houses are simply our ticket into the lives of people so we can share the love of Jesus. More importantly, I don't need to know why I just need to be willing.
Today four houses were built...the number of relationships could not be measured. I constantly found myself wanting to slow down and absorb all that God was doing. The homes were being assembled while communities and the team were working alongside of each other. We ate together, played together and best of all crossed the barrier of language and culture and laughed while visiting together. Not as a team from another country doing work for them, instead, as women, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. Deep personal conversations, sharing our stories and sharing the love of Jesus.
This afternoon was awesome. I met four beautiful strong women. Paula was receiving a house. Last month on Nov. 10 her husband died. Her oldest son only 15, bore the weight of the responsibility to help provide for their small family. Her husband never got to see their dream of a safe and secure home. This new much needed house served as a relief to them and a reminder that God has not forgotten them and in her words, "given hope and peace". We laughed together and cried together today.
Seeing and playing with the kids really made me miss my own.  I think I may have frightened one poor boy named Mario. He reminds me so much of my Quinn that I have the urge to hug him and smooch his face....he keeps his distance from the crazy Canadian mom. If you see my kids this week...don't hold back, hug 'em and smooch 'em from me please!



  1. Thanks Leisha for this glimpse into the relationships the team is building. It's wonderful to be able to experience the trip through the eyes of each of the team members!

  2. Thanks for sharing Leisha! Saw your kids on Sunday. They are definitely as cute as ever! And I would have given them a hug for you, but I'm sure they don't want my cold! :) Praying for those strong women.

  3. beautiful, Leisha. and now i'm on the lookout for your kids. i saw your oldest handle himself like a champion on Saturday. thanks for the little window into your week...

  4. Hi Leisha
    Thanks for sharing how the Lord is working in the lives of the El Salvador people.He works in very simple ways and you have a way with kids so I am sure that those kids are truly blessed to have you there!!! Praying for you and the team. Looking forward to hearing more. Your Mom is taking great care of your kids!!! I got to shake Quinn and Salah and Kelso hand on Sunday. They are amazing kids. Never told you this but Keaton did an amazing job working in the Kitchen during the fair. It all shows that their Mommy and Daddy are doing an awesome job!!! We love you!!! Keep on being available!! May the Lord continue to amaze you this week!!!