Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow! The work is done. Seems so hard to believe. Since we arrived it has been work, work, work and then suddenly, finished. Just like that. No slow time of winding down. No big fanfare. Instead, the truck was being unpacked for one last time and we were driving out of the tiny village of San Filipe. For the most part, all the totes have been emptied. A few are being left behind with goodies for Pastor Jorge to use in his ministry. A few are being sent off to our new friends at Teen Challenge El Salvador. I know it means trouble when Deve makes new friends in exciting ministries!! Several things are being left with our fabulous translator and all-round great guy, Migel. And, of course, we're taking a few gifts to the mayor as he has us over for dinner tonight. Our rooms look so empty. Things have been stacked everywhere all week and know they've all gone to those in need. Each family receiving the keys to their house today, also received a tote full of goodies - just for them. Items, you folks back home so generously provided. Oh, if you could have seen the face of one litle girl as she hugged her little hand-knit doll close to her heart. Those eyes said it all. Their was gratitude shining there. And there was hope. Next week 5 more homes will be built. 5 more families will realize the love of God through the hands of another team from Canada. May the Lord change these families for His glory.

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  1. Finally everything is done.
    see you Monday mom!