Monday, October 12, 2009


Our God is an awesome God! What an incredible experience to have the opportunity to worship at Pastor Jorje's church yesterday.....not unlike heaven when we will praise God together despite our language barriers. I felt God's presence in that place. The Elsalvador people singing in their native tongue and us in ours all the while familiar music and hymns......beautiful and so difficult to contain my emotions. Their passion and enthusism. They sing from the depths of their souls!
I can't wait till Wednesday to gather together in that place again.
I know that God speaks through our Pastor, but how proud we felt to hear him speak and watch how God is using his gifts even here.
Today brought an abundance of emotions. Most of us unsure what our purpose would be here and slowly and clearly God is revealing that purpose. Each person being used in their own way to pour out God's love on these people. For me it was not much different than any other day at home. I was surounded by children, close to 50 of all ages throughout the day. What a priviledge to entertain them and be entertained by them while others sweated it out on the houses. Vanessa and I were able to get up close with the children braiding hair, beading necklaces, painting hundreds of fingernails and toenails, blowing bubbles, sack races and the not so popular for Canadians....playing tag in the heat UPHILL!
Surprisingly, these were not the things that took my breath away. We arrived at the worksite somewhere close to 0730 as did all of the children. In fact, they were waiting when we arrived. There is a sense of community unlike I have ever experienced. Young girls the age of 7 years or so had small infants on their hips. They stayed with us all day until we left after 1600hrs. They cared for not only that child, but even others with no relation. They were just as excited for the child next to them that was receiving braides in their hair as they were for themselves. They nurtured each other with tenderness. They are unselfish. In their innocence they teach so much.
Thankyou for continuing to pray for us. The week has just begun and I'm in no hurry to see it come to a close.


  1. I'm not sure whether to call you Martha or Mary. That came to mind when I read the above. It sounds like you should be out there helping with the other stuff and then I hear Jesus say, she has chosen the better stuff. I can picture you with the little kids and I love the imagry.

  2. Hey Leish,
    Just wanted to encourage you and Tyson...we're praying for you guys and are so thrilled to be able to "experience" it through the blog. Tell Tyson we're also waiting for his thoughts!
    Love yaz...
    Ange & Steve

  3. Dear Leisha,
    Hello it's nice to hear from you and how your having fun doing what your best at!! Those kids will be blessed to have you down there. Because our kids are blessed to have you working with them up here. May the Lord keep Blessing you as you see Him at work in the lives of the children of El Salvador. And it will be great to see how the Lord will deeply bless you through the children of El Salvador. Praying for You and Tyson, and the boys! Take Care,
    Ellen, Dan,and the Boys!!