Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Oct.10

Went to the places today were we will be building houses. All the places are in need. One family lives in a place that is about 2 metres by 4 metres and they have 7 kids. We are going to try and build 6 houses this week. They are simple houses but are alot nicer than they are trying to live in now. We did not get to the orphanage, maybe later in the week. It is very hot. We are meeting at 6 in the morning to begin our day. It is very hot here and they say after a few hours of working in the hot sun it seems like you have been slugging for days. Will update more after our first day of work.
Thanks for your support. Mr. A

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  1. Hey Tim,
    I checked the weather and it is saying only 31C in San Salvador. Is that hot? Or is it hotter than is being reported? "Weather Service" That would be too hot for me. It is 13C here now. 8:57