Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A team divided

Today was a difficult day. Today was good day. We split up early with some of us heading off to do glasses and the rest to build. Two jobs that exhaust and exhilerate in vastly different ways. While it's difficult to split up as a team it's worthwhile at the end of the day when stories are shared and relived. We may have been divided today, but the gracious hand of the Lord stayed firmly put on each of our shoulders. Some of us built and some of us fitted eye glasses, but we all were part of the bigger picture. Divided yet united in purpose.

I managed to organize a rowdy group of childen into a nice neat, and yes, orderly line. It felt good. My spanish vocab is increasing. Dulce means candy. Children follow me around with gorgeous smiles asking for more 'dulce'. I happily comply. Usually the adults aren't far behind. They too love the dulce.

I love being here. Aside from missing my babies at home, it is wonderful. Thank you Father for using me, may I continue to say 'whatever'.


  1. Thanks Joy for the beautiful glimpse into the experiences you are all having. God bless you!! Love and prayers, Ann

  2. Leisha and BriannaOctober 13, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    So challenging to be divided...I understand and yet so wonderful to hear you say, "Whatever, Lord." Love you all. We are praying throughout the days for each of you.