Sunday, October 9, 2011


We spent the day visiting families we are building homes for. The first two families lived in a very cramped and confined space. As you would expect you the homes were so bad you wouldn't let your dog sleep in there. I found these two locations especially difficult. In the two times i've been here we've seen some pretty lowly homes but these two were pure squallar - the worst i've seen and the worst i've smelled.
I couldn't help but thank God for the life he has blessed me with. Why I live were I live and not in some garbage heap is beyond me. Ultimately it doesn't matter. What matters is what I do with that. I'm thankful that i have this opportunity to give back and to share my blessings with others who are much less fortunate. I'm thankful that we get to share in the joy that these families will experience when they walk through their thressholds for the first time...I'm thankful that these families will share their lives with us. Finally i'm thankful that God has chosen this time for us to be here, to be His hands and His feet. What a priveledge.


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  1. You will definitly change that persons life, keep it up. We are praying everyday