Saturday, October 15, 2011

The turning of the tide

Allot has changed since we were here last year. Homes go up faster, cement floors are done at an almost professional level, a sence of community and trust is increasing and God's love is spreading. We are seeing opportunities for sustainment begin to happen with the sowing center and the goats. We see men not sitting around watching but wanting to be a part of what's going on.
There is still much to be done - the amount of rain here is unbelievable which makes living in a mud hut a little dicy to say the least. It was hard to buid in the rain and the mud. I was actually cold and soaked to the bone. Imagine that, cold in El Salvador.
We had a visit with Compassion on Thursday = they treated us like roylaty complete with marching bands, fireworks and confetti. it was a little hard to handle and very humbling but Compassion is a well oiled machine and very impressive. We had some house visits in the community while we were there which was hard to see. the poverty is unreal. At least in San Phillipe were we are building the country side is beautiful but where we were with Compassion it was worse - it's really another area we need to target and God willing it will happen.


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