Monday, October 8, 2012

Everyone is clean again!!

Eleven cold, trickling showers later, everyone is clean again! Oh my, the rainy season seems to just love me and follows me into this beautiful country! My thinking is that I am the weakest link since I am the common  denominator on the team from last year. The red dirt gets caked on the shoes and the body quiet well. I am trying to remind myself that some women pay good money for a mud bath/masque, and I'm getting away with a free one! I should probably tread lightly or I my team might have me voted off the island or told to walk the plank. Thankfully, the rain didn't start until the holes had been dug on our third house. The rain has made the hike up to the worksite rather treacherous and very slippery. So far no twisted ankles, thankfully.
The children hear are extremely shy but they have warmed up to our love for them. Our translator told us that they don't experience that kind of love and compassion very often, so it takes them awhile to warm up to us. In the adults, their search for hope is clearly evident. It's very humbling to see what it takes to create hope in their lives--not much, really. We expect to have solid, warm and well-built houses in Canada, in El Salvador there is no expectation for such a dream.
Jared will be happy to know that during this trip I have constantly been thinking of the words of one of my favourite theologians......Toby Mac...........there is no greater honour than to:
"Speak life, speak life, into the deadest, darkest night; speak life, speak life when the sun won't shine and you don't know why......Look into the eyes of the broken-hearted--watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope, you speak love, you speak life!"

Tracy (also known as the rain-jinx)

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  1. Hey T, just reading back over the very excited for all you guys are doing, seeing, experiencing, sharing...
    Looking forward to having you back on Canadian soil soon though! Missing you all!!!