Friday, October 5, 2012

Everything Is New

How can everything be new if this is the fourth team that is going from the SEMC to El Salvador? The flight times they are the same. We have to leave tomorrow morning at the same sleepy hour (4:15am). I'll probably eat the same kind of breakfast and visit the same airport bookstore before I board the plane.
Despite this routine, there is so much that is new. The Lord has impressed that upon me and our team over these last several months. My prayer is that you will join us for the ride as we try to keep you updated on the "new" places and people we will be meeting, working with, learning from and serving. This year's team has 4 new people on it. This year's team has 4 people who have been previously, but did not go last year, so that's new. This year's team will be travelling to a new area, Victoria . This year's team will be partnering with new people in this new area. We will be sleeping in new (more rugged) accommodations than we have previously enjoyed. And there are always new surprises that await us (the 2011 team experienced a Tropical Storm and 4 feet of rain).

There definitely is a new excitement and anticipation about this trip. I believe that sense of "new"ness comes from the Lord. And despite our uncertainties and unfamiliarities He is with us. He has provided for us in amazing ways (and continues to do so).

Zephaniah 3:5 says of the Lord: "Morning by morning he dispenses his justice, and every new day he does not fail..."

So I say, bring on the morning, even if it comes early. It's humbling and exciting to be part of all the new that awaits each day, both here in Sarnia and as we venture to El Salvador.  Let us be caught up in the wonderful "new" things He has to show us.

Thanks to you, our families, our church family and community for your encouragement, support and partnership!  Please pray for us to courageously discover the NEW!!

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